Dlaczego warto wybrać dzrwi aluminiowe

When looking for exterior doors, we are faced with the choices of: aluminium, steel, wood or PVC doors? If we care about high anti-burglary parameters and durability, the choice is simple – let’s trust aluminium.

At first it is worth determining what style we would prefer: simple or with decorative elements, traditional or modern? It is generally accepted that aluminium doors have a modern, austere design – nothing could be further from the truth! The current production processes make it possible to produce aluminium doors in any style – at Waldenburg Aluminium, we offer aluminium doors with wood veneer as well as in any colour achieved by means of powder coating.

Aluminium doors are characterized by relatively low weight with high durability, so we do not have to fear uninvited guests entering our house – they are an effective barrier against burglars.

In comparison to wooden doors, aluminium doors do not deform or warp. This gives us the comfort of many years of trouble-free use without having to remember about periodic maintenance.

Lovers of quiet and warmth should likewise reach out for aluminium solutions. Aluminium doors insulate the flat against low temperatures and noise from the street or staircase as well.

If, after years of use, you decide to replace your aluminium window and door joinery – with another aluminium one of course – remember that aluminium can be fully recycled.