Stolarka aluminiowa a drewniana, stalowa lub PVC en

The decision to choose aluminium windows, doors and other structures, such as balustrades, pergolas or canopies is an investment that pays off. Although the price of aluminium products is not as low as, for example, PVC, it is worth incurring a higher cost of joinery at the stage of construction or renovation, in order to sleep peacefully for many years.

First of all, durability and resistance. The aluminium constructions are resistant to inclement weather conditions: a high quality material does not rust – as in the case of steel – and does not discolour. This cannot be said of white PVC windows, which can turn yellow. The aluminium joinery does not deform and is able to withstand strong pressure, thanks to which it has high anti-burglary parameters.

Secondly, the durability of aluminium in combination with its relatively light weight, as opposed to wood, allows the creation of impressive structures presenting themselves aesthetically and stylishly, e.g. glazed walls or large shop windows.

Thirdly… peace of mind. Aluminium windows, doors, sunshades or winter gardens do not require maintenance like wood or steel. During the installation, we get a ready-made product, which only needs to be kept clean to always appeal to the eyes.