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A safe home means peace of mind and comfort for the whole family. Today, modern smart home technologies allow you to take care of both safety and functionality better than ever. In smart homes, nothing counts as much as a solid front door. To ensure security right from the threshold for all household members, consider choosing a smart door that has a number of fantastic features. As studies show, burglars most often get into homes simply through doors, hence a system such as ‘smart home’ that informs you of an unlocked or opened door can save you many unpleasant situations.

Security systems for a smart home
Apart from standard anti-burglary solutions (e.g. hook locks, steel reinforcements anti-burglary systems) with which doors are equipped, there are also intelligent systems available. They have a number of solutions that provide solid protection for the house and its inhabitants. They can be installed in any door model, so you can easily match the door model to the style of your home. The installed integrated systems will not disturb the arrangement and its harmony, because they are cleverly hidden, thanks to professional installation.

Systems in intelligent doors
We offer a wide range of controllers for external doors that are fully compatible and work perfectly with intelligent systems. We offer solutions such as:

Fingerprint reader– allows you to open the door with any finger.
Numeric keypad with a code – allows you to enter an individual access code.
RFID – opening doors with cards and key fobs – allows you to add up to 150 users, cards and key fobs in a quick and easy way. The proximity card reader is ideal for private residences as well as offices.
Bluetooth & Code – allows you to open the door with a code and cell phone. The Bluetooth-enabled numeric keypad allows you to open the door with a code of 6-8 digits.
Bolt sensor – informs when the door is locked with the key.
Electrically operated automatic lock – locks when the door is latched and opens electrically. Locking with a key blocks the electrical functions. Works with a card reader.
The Pull Switch – mounted in the entablature and works with the locks that have electric drive.
Reed switch – sash door opening detector for alarm installation.
Day function sensor – informs if the day/night function is active, which means that the door is only latched and anyone can enter without using a key or electronic access systems.