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We offer a wide range of window controllers that are fully compatible and work perfectly with smart systems. The solutions we offer include:
– Burglary alarms:
Magnetic sensors in window surveillance
Radio wave sensors (RFID)
– Air conditioning control
– Kitchen extractor control
– Automatic ventilation

Magnetic sensors in window surveillance
Magnetic sensors integrated into the hardware reliably indicate which windows are open and which are locked. At the same time they can be used as reed switches to control the operation of the heating, air conditioning or kitchen extractor. Lock sensors are also used as burglary detection in alarm systems. They can be combined with all alarm systems available on the market. Magnetic reed switches have the VdS class B safety certificate (VdS is an organization of insurance companies in Germany with its own testing laboratory).

Radio frequency identification (rfid) sensors
Radio frequency window closing sensors are an example of the pioneering use of RFID technology in window surveillance. In combination with a reed switch concealed in the hardware, this technology guarantees a high level of security against break-ins.

The exceptional security level of Control RFID sensors is due to the contactless data transmission between the sash and frame. Transponder on the sash and the sensor on the frame communicate with a special individual code. When closing and locking the window sash, the sensor recognises the transponder and transmits a signal to the control panel. When an attempt is made to use another transponder, the sensor immediately recognises the “foreign” code and activates the alarm. Any attempt to forcibly remove the sash from the frame results in communication interference and activation of the alarm.

Monitoring of open window
– Kitchen extractor control (VS.DIBT…)
– Monitoring of the sash position – Opened/closed
– Switch contact for synchronisation with the kitchen extractor and ensuring that the extractor is only switched on when the window is open
– DIBT approval (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik)

Automatic ventilation of The Comfort PADM window, in combination with the BDT electric drive from D+H Mechatronic AG, allows natural ventilation in automatic mode with increased burglary protection. This product ensures a healthy room climate and saves energy. The Comfort PADM windows allow safe ventilation with the sash parallel to the frame – even when the occupants are not home. This position has an additional advantage: it significantly reduces the penetration of rainwater and noise.